Why we are interested in light?

Who we are

A group of people carrying heartfelt questions about light and lighting, who would like to share our specialized experience and research with others. We are particularly concerned with the qualities of lighting and its effects on people and nature. We work in cooperation with other specialists and experts, especially in the field of lighting technology.


Ulrike Wendt

Eurythmist and Seminar/Course Facilitator

Project leader "Lichtprojekt" in Gesellschaft für Bildekräfteforschung e. V. (Society for Formative Forces Research), editor of "Lichtbrief". Eurythmy projects, formative forces research and seminars

As a performer, I experience light on stage as an essential design element. Over time, my interest and questions into the qualities of light has become increasingly clear. I hope to contribute to promoting a general awareness of the importance of quality light for humans and to provide the artificial lighting sector with a selection of compatible good quality alternative light sources.


Markus Buchmann

Chemistry lab technician, Formative forces researcher, Seminar facilitator and Instructor

Board of directors of Gesellschaft für Bildekräfteforschung e. V. , in particular studies on the effect of artificial light on food, seminars and training in the field of meditation and formative forces research

Once you take every away, there is only light. I want people to remember this.


Bettina Beller

Mathematician, Seminar facilitator, Property management

Managing director of Gesellschaft für Bildekräfteforschung e. V., formative forces researcher and seminar facilitator

A few years ago, I had my first eye opening experience and awareness of how different light bulbs compare to grey afternoon November light. I was shocked to discover how poor new artificial lighting is in relation to even the weakest winter light. I would like share this knowledge with others.


Dr. Uwe Geier

General manager of Forschungsring e.V. and WirkSensorik GmbH

Discovered and developed the Empathic Food Test to measure food induced emotions, researching the effects of artificial additives on food and children

Artificial light affects our lives and far more than we imagine. However, there is little awareness of the different qualities of light and its effects.


Jörg Kunze

General manager of Holzhof GmbH

Lighting design, planning and implementation

The problem of LED lighting became evident through observations of its effects on employees, customers, as well as food. As a lighting designer, it feels crucial to support LED research and to explore ways to mitigate these effects. Not all lighting is the same.


Jörg Thimm-Hoch

Geographer, Lecturer and Co-creator of Quellhof e.V.

Contributer to the "Lichtprojekt", organizes seminars and meetings on the topic of artificial lighting

I have been deeply affected by experiences and information related to how much lighting affects us on a daily basis, especially our finer perceptions. I am responsible for the technical concerns in our center, as a result I am continually looking into possible lighting alternatives. I am concerned with generating greater awareness, more direct personal and to make our research findings available to as many people as possible.




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