EU Petition 2018

Freedom to Choose Healthy Light!

Petition to the

European Commission's Directorate General for Energy

The European Commission intends to restrict the requirements for light bulb energy consumption in two phases, first on 1.9.2018 and second on 1.9.2020. As a result of these proposed changes, consumers will only be able to purchase LED bulbs.

Studies have proven substantial health risks from LED exposure. Therefore, we want to fight back!

Many factors play a role. We have compiled some on our web pages under light-emitting diodes and LED compact. In our petition, we refer directly to scientifically proven risks, such as increased cases of eye diseases, myopia in children and growing blindness due to macular degeneration, all of which are undeniably directly related to the high proportion of blue light in the LEDs.

We cannot endanger the EU population’s health for possible energy savings – minor savings, far lower that one might expect.

We demand:

No LEDs at the expense of our health!

We demand the freedom to choose healthy light!


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We have also sent out our request in a comment to the Directorate for Renewable Energy, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency at the European Commission. See the comment here: