How can we make sense of this complex topic?

First of all, we can consciously be aware of the general abundance of artificial light in our day-to-day lives:

  • We can take in as much natural light as possible, remembering that even a gray November afternoon’s light is of better quality than artificial light!
  • Take regular breaks from the computer screen to protect our eyes and body.
  • Expose ourselves to as little blue light as possible; there are PC and mobile phone programs that can regulate screen brightness.
  • Keep in mind, the less artificial light we are exposed to in the evening, the better our sleep will be. This includes screens, televisions and room lighting.
  • Protect children’s well being. Avoid LED in children's rooms and anywhere they spend time in the evenings. Limit use and exposure to electronic devices with screens (PC, mobile phone, TV)
  • Recovery tip to regenerate tired eyes: put fresh green leaves on your eyes and look through them.

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