How do LEDs affect our health?

This question is complex:

  • it has been proven that LEDs with a lot of blue causes damage to the macula, the center part of the retina of the eye
  • research confirms that too much blue light causes sleep disturbances
  • studies report with certainty that the more lights flickers, the greater the damage to the eye
  • proof positive: the longer and more directly eyes are touched by LEDs, the more extensive the damage
  • it is highly possible that LEDs have contributed the heightened number of near sighted children in recent years
  • however, LEDs are constantly improving, particularly in areas like headlight glare and flickering household lights

Further information, in German:

Up to this point, the topic has been visible light. Since light also has invisible effects, such as reactions observable on our skin, this topic raises a greater health question.

And then, there is question of the effects of LEDs on our vital life forces. Several studies are now available on this topic. See Research.

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